About the Campaign

Despite the refusal of the planning application for an office block at 31 Bury Street the world-famous
Bevis Marks still faces an existential threat with proposals for 33 Creechurch Lane still not decided.

We are campaigning against the construction of these two high-rise office developments adjacent to
Bevis Marks for these reasons:

  1. Size and Scale

The size and scale of the proposed development at 33 Creechurch Lane is only 3.5 metres from Bevis Marks. This will have a substantial negative impact on the world-renowned heritage significance of the Synagogue.

The foundations of the Synagogue are also highly sensitive and vulnerable. Should development of 33 Creechurch Lane progress there is a potential for significant damage occurring to the building. No assurances have been given by the applicants that the foundations of Bevis Marks will not be put at risk.

  1. Light Deprivation

Construction of 33 Creechurch Lane at just 3.5 metres will block light to the Synagogue, making it impossible to continue holding services and events there.

The Grade I listed nature of the Synagogue limits the provision of additional electrical lighting, meaning that without daylight, the ability to pray in the Synagogue is severely impacted.

The cumulative impact would be catastrophic: 33 Creechurch Lane would block the sun from 9am-12pm, while the already consented and existing buildings block the light from 3pm-onwards.

  1. National Significance

Bevis Marks is not just an asset for the Jewish community, but for the whole of the United Kingdom as a building of incredible national significance.

The City of London Corporation must decide generic new office blocks or maintaining the future of the oldest Synagogue in the UK in continual use.

  1. Religious Expression

The right to freedom of religious expression is enshrined in law, and the Jewish community has the right to be treated with respect. These proposed developments not only threaten the Jewish community, but people of every faith.

We welcome the refusal of 51 Bury Street. But if 33 Creechurch Lane is approved, it would set a national precedent for development which infringes on a faith group’s ability to worship.

For more information on the current status, read this summary by two of our supporters.

The proposed high-rise office block at 33 Creechurch Lane would completely dominate neighbouring Bevis Marks completely overshadowing the Synagogue.

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High-rise office buildings would never be considered 3.5m away from St Paul’s Cathedral

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