Help us Save Bevis Marks by telling the City of London Corporation that you object to the proposals for a skyscraper adjacent to Europe’s oldest Synagogue in continual use.

Even if you have already objected, please object again.

Use the form below to object directly to the 33 Creechurch Lane application (18/00305/FULMAJ) and urge a decision at the earliest possible date.

We object to the application for the reasons below (please use any and all of these in your objection).

  • 1. The adverse impact on heritage assets is unacceptable. The Bevis Marks Synagogue is a Grade 1 Listed building of significant local, national and international importance. It is the most important Jewish site in the UK and one of the most special synagogues in the world. The 21-storey development at 33 Creechurch Lane would adversely and irreversibly affect the setting of Bevis Marks due to its overbearing and overshadowing impact on the courtyard of the Synagogue.


  • 2. Through its size and proximity to Bevis Marks, the development would have unacceptable sunlight/daylight impact on the Synagogue that would imperil its functioning as a place or worship. Light is essential to the spiritual and functional aspects of Jewish worship, but existing neighbouring developments mean that the Synagogue already receives a low level of light. This further impact is not something that that can be mitigated once it is there: the Grade 1 listing of the building means that the Synagogue cannot install additional intrusive electric lighting.


  • 3. Through its size, design, and proximity to the synagogue, the development’s vortex wind effect would have a significant adverse impact on Bevis Marks and stop both its natural ventilation system and smoke and fire system working. The potential impact is such that the functioning of the synagogue as an active place of worship would be threatened.


  • 4. It is now over three and a half years since 18/00305/FULMAJ was first submitted. In this time, it has attracted over 1,000 objections, signifying the strength of feeling in the community and across the country. The community of Bevis Marks has had to endure the threat of this proposed development throughout this entire period. The City should end this threat by coming to a decision at the earliest possible opportunity.
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